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Announcing a new ingredient to our ‘special sauce’

Helping organizations successfully deal with change has always been a part of the DNA of Pragilis Solutions.

While the focus over the past decade has centred on improving the employee experience, the pandemic has also shone the light on the need to deliver improved experiences to customers – the key to a successful company.

Therefore, the firm is launching a new initiative – Pragilis+.

To learn more about this exciting launch, co-founders Shaheen and Mumtaz Chaudhary sat down recently to share details about their new approach.

Explain your new focus

Mumtaz: During the pandemic, we’ve learned that technology has had a major impact on customer satisfaction. Whether it was a J.D. Power survey on retail banking – or an insight report prepared by KPMG on China businesses – it’s been demonstrated the customer experience can make or break a company and its brand.

By making better use of modern technologies, we are confident we can help organizations continue to keep and attract great customers.

How will you accomplish this?

Shaheen: We’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a solution to the organizations we work with. We have experience with various Microsoft tools for communications, collaboration and productivity that can be utilized to attract, serve and keep customers.

While many companies already use Microsoft applications, the reality is they aren’t maximizing the full potential of technology. That’s unfortunate as many businesses are struggling to give customers what they want and need and this can result in serious consequences, including losing existing customers or failing to attract new ones.

An additional benefit of Microsoft Dynamics is that it runs on a scalable and secure infrastructure, providing a seamless experience.

Mumtaz: Along with the technology Shaheen touched on, we are also excited about the launch of a new three-step methodology that we call our Customer Experience Engine. It involves:

  1. Uncovering the problem to know what’s going on

  2. Discovering the solution to achieve an organization’s goals, and

  3. Solving the problem, using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Through this engine, we will help organizations achieve improved outcomes in serving their customers by providing their employees with the skills, tools and insights to maximize their potential and deliver exceptional customer service.

The end result will be satisfied customers who are served by a knowledgeable and engaged workforce.

Why now?

Shaheen: As Mumtaz mentioned earlier, the pandemic has demonstrated that technology has had a major impact on customer satisfaction. As a result, we want to help organizations get better at discovering and adopting technology that their employees can utilize to benefit their customers – now, and well after the pandemic is a distant memory.

Peter Drucker said it best when he said the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer. The reality is that a poor experience is a poor reflection of a business. We want to help our clients create experiences that attract and then bring customers back for more while also creating an engaging environment for their employees.

One of the new resources we’ll be using (Microsoft Dynamics 365) will help businesses build long-term relationships with their clients while retaining a talented and engaged workforce.

Is this is a pivot or evolution of your business?

Mumtaz: I would call this an evolution. We are going to continue to harness the expertise we’ve developed over the past decade in helping companies manage change but we are going to include greater use of technology to complement our special sauce.

Shaheen: I agree. While we’re excited about how new applications can benefit the companies we assist in the future, we will always be a company that puts people first. That’s one of our strengths and we will never forget our roots.

Who is your target audience?

Shaheen: In addition to offering this new suite of services to our existing clients, we will be focusing on raising awareness of what Pragilis+ offers to medium-sized businesses in Canada and the United States. We think there will be a lot of interest from leaders who are responsible for customer experience, marketing and sales because they understand how technology – when used strategically – can lead to improved outcomes.

How can leaders learn more?

Mumtaz: In addition to providing updates about our new approach on our website, we are planning to offer upcoming webinars about our new services to medium and large organizations (those with 1,000 or more employees). To learn more, just email us at

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