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Driving change – and living it too!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

It may not come  as a surprise that as leaders of a boutique change management firm, we not only embrace change but also live and breathe it as well.

Eight years ago, my wife Mumtaz and I took a big risk and left comfortable corporate jobs to start a company that is known today as Pragilis Solutions.

We didn't have any leads for clients. Or a big bankroll or seed funding to provide a running start.

But what we did have was a desire and vision of providing a unique alternative to the consulting services dominated by big companies.

Where outcomes were more important than outputs. And collaboration meant more than collecting billables.

After focusing initially on business analysis and technology strategy services, we widened our scope to include change management to fully utilize our strengths.

From the outset, we had very clear lanes. 

Mumtaz focused on the client relationship side, harnessing her expertise and passion for change management with a unique focus on people. 

Meanwhile, I utilized my technology and business background to support Mumtaz and her team’s project requirements while reaching out to prospective clients to explain the art and science of our change management approach.

As we discussed in a previous post, operating a business with your spouse can have its share of challenges. However, through our defined roles – and setting some standards outside of business – both our work and personal lives are extremely rewarding.

While I sometimes think Mumtaz and her team have the more exciting role in developing strategies and tactics that have long-lasting impacts on organizations, I find my position extremely rewarding. I have an opportunity not only to capture our success through various analytics but also highlight our value proposition to organizations in need of our services but are wary of whether a small firm such as ours is up to the task.

In the end, we both have key roles in driving our firm’s success which is extremely gratifying. 

To the entrepreneurs out there who are considering a similar leap, I say "Go for it"! Every day since our first day has been better than the day before and the only regret is that we didn’t start our company earlier. 

The key, though, is to be clear on what you want to achieve, keep it simple and scale up the mountains of challenge until you arrive at your destination.

Exciting future ahead

While we have been pleased with our progress and all that we’ve accomplished, it’s probably no surprise we are focused on further … change.

We have exciting plans for the future, including expanding our reach into new markets and also new sectors such as retail – one that this year has already seen well-known companies such as Dollarama pivot while others have disappeared from the landscape.

We are also planning to introduce additional technology services that will enhance our strategic and planning capabilities.

As we embark on an exciting new chapter in our company, we look forward to continuing to highlight our value proposition and a growing series of successful projects to current and prospective customers, and here in our blog.

So, if you are struggling with change and require some guidance – or need to pivot to remain relevant – feel free to connect with us. As you have discovered, change management isn’t only our business but also our way of life.

Note: To discuss your change management challenge and opportunity, contact us at

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