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What's in a name? The story behind the name Pragilis

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The story behind the name Pragilis is one I'm often asked about as the company’s co-founder.

When we founded the company twelve years ago, we knew it was important to choose the right name because of the emotions we wanted to evoke and the culture we wanted to build.

We also knew there were some practical implications of choosing the right name, like existing trademarks and domain names.

With all this in mind, we set off down the path of choosing a name that represented our brand and differentiated us in the market.

Pragilis was founded out of a need to change the way organizations approach the people-side of change.

The reality is that 70% of all change initiatives fail due to the human factor (i.e. large-scale resistance, mistrust and confusion amongst employees). The traditional change management models were failing many leaders and organizations and we wanted to know why.

So, after we studied the psychology of change, worked with and among some of the world’s largest consulting firms on different types of change initiatives (business model shifts, leadership transitions, digital transformations and the like) and proved ourselves capable as individuals, we switched gears in our careers to help organizations achieve real change that matters to their people, customers and leaders.

What we landed on was a model for organizational change that was both pragmatic and agile; words that were also synonymous with our values.

Our core belief at Pragilis is that every change effort is unique, and must be uniquely focused.

We work with executives of large enterprises to uncover their goals, and form our process around their vision. We gain a deeper awareness of where the organization is, and where the initiative will take it. We determine the change characteristics, including impacted stakeholders, degree of change, anticipated challenges, hurdles and more.

And we make sure you have the right map to reach your end-goal. We come to understand the hearts and minds of the people inside organizations, including how they see themselves supporting a change initiative, and how they’ll thrive in the future. 

Ultimately, we exist to help executives in organizations beat the odds of change failure. 

So, where are we headed now?

We’re evolving from project-to-project change management services to services around building enterprise capability in change.

We’re learning and implementing fresh strategies to reduce change fatigue in organizations and helping to build change resilient teams that are ready for whatever’s next.

We’re staying ahead of the industry’s trends and forging new territories of our own in co-creative change, benefits-led change and human-centred design.

After all, we better practice what we preach and continuously adapt what we do to better serve our clients. It’s precisely why we chose a name that had “legs” so we could grow and diversify as our clients do. 

Choosing a name for your company is a tricky business; but once you know what you stand for and your bigger goal, it’s really just a matter of conveying your values. And the fact is, a company is not made great by its name alone. It’s made great by its business model, its people, and above all else, the legacy it leaves. 

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