You know WHAT to change for your business. We’ll show you HOW.
Pragilis will help your people adopt and become successful at managing change.




 Why is it so common for change initiatives to fail? 

  • Are you often reacting to changes in your industry?

  • Struggling to get employees, stakeholders, and contractors to adopt change?

  • Is it hard to organize employees for every new ‘change management’ initiative?

  • Are your people feeling helpless, versus empowered, by changes to the business?

  • Do you lack time, staff, and expertise to improve critical systems and processes?

  • Feeling the chaos from all the others when change arrives unexpectedly?

 Are you (unknowingly) ignoring the people side of change? 

Most companies do. Work with us, you no longer will.

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Fuel, ignite, sustain change.

Are you taking a company public? Acquiring a new business? Expanding into new markets? Or redesigning workspaces? Just a few of the reasons ‘change happens’.

Be ready for change

See and expect change before it disrupts your systems and processes. Welcome change instead of losing sleep over it.

Be successful at change

Become confident your teams know how to work together to create healthy change. Plan, communicate, and organize people. With metrics to measure progress.

Be a master of change

Develop a repeatable approach for all your change efforts. No more ‘starting from scratch’.

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“Mumtaz is a high energy, enthusiastic Change Manager who developed our clear and concise plan. She then lead the execution of the plan to deliver the right level of engagement. She had a complex job with multiple stakeholders across the organization and worked well with all project teams, while leveraging people without creating silos.”


~ Susan Wilson-Ferguson, Currently, CIO of Government of Alberta

Put humanity into your change process

How much is ignoring the people side of change costing you? Are you losing customers to competitors that are adapting well to changes? Or losing business to new entrants? Is it unclear who and how people will take part in the change? Have you created useless documentation that people ignore? Breathe... We’ll help.


Learn holistically how to lead people through change. Workshops of any size, for an hour, half-or-full day, or for an executive retreat.


Our #1 service. We’ll work with and guide your teams to plan, execute, and mature the organization for change. 


Private coaching for you or your executive team. Get advice with change strategies, tactics, or how to keep successful change going. 

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“Mumtaz lead us through the change process as we merged with a large company. Her knowledge, awareness, listening, and communication skills helped us smoothly create rapid change. She is direct, human, and gave us tools for how to plan and communicate—from C-level executives to front line employees, while meeting every deadline we imposed.”


~ Larry Rodo, President and CEO of 4Refuel

The people side of Pragilis

Shaheen Chaudhary

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

That high failure rate thing… that’s why we started Pragilis. “There’s a better way”, we thought. And there is. It’s on the people side of change where the big gains are—our sweet spot. I focus on the business operations, to keep your projects on schedule and on budget.


Let’s see what the ‘real boss’ says. Mumtaz…

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True-that, hubby-of-mine…

Mumtaz Chaudhary

Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

Now, ditto on our focus. I help companies like yours work with, not through people, to make your big changes—there’s too much at stake. I’m the one in the trenches with you, your leadership team, and the others to create successful change. Change that people adopt. Change that sticks. Change that increases your credibility with managers, employees, peers, and customers.




‘Change Management’ made simple (not easy)

Here’s an abbreviated glimpse of what it’s like to work with us.



Meet for an hour to learn more     Identify challenges and opportunities     We’ll follow up with a proposal


Build a plan     Identify stakeholders, influencers, and doers     Establish metrics to measure progress




Share the plan     Get feedback     Execute, adapt & adjust the plan     Perform a retrospective


Better processes + Happier employees + Delighted customers = More business


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“Mumtaz guided us to create our new ‘change management‘ culture with solid and pragmatic practices. Her approach and tools shifted mindsets, while supporting employees. Mumtaz always encouraged me as a leader to see different perspectives. We successfully lead our employees through change with Mumtaz’s calm demeanor and thoughtful approach.”


~ Rachel Coyle, VP, Retail Risk Advisory & Operations at Coast Capital Savings

Let’s work together. Maybe.

We’ve been doing this since 2006. We’ve learned a few things about what makes a great fit—for you and for us.

We ARE a match if…

  • You’re a leader, excited about change, not afraid

  • You want stakeholders and others to influence change

  • You need no convincing that change is human centered

  • You ‘get it’, that change takes planning, effort, and time

  • You’re willing to invest in healthy change for the long term

  • You’re brave enough to bust through barriers

  • You’ll say ‘no’ to changes that don’t align with objectives

We’re NOT a match if…

  • You think upper management, not workers, are most responsible for change

  • You’re comfortable with ‘how things


  • You prefer to hire outsiders to create change for you

  • You feel command-and-control works wonders

  • You’re not clear on the what and why for making the change

  • You consider change efforts as side projects

  • You ignore stakeholders, thinking you can make change happen faster and better than them

Why gamble on applying healthy change for your organization?

We. Hear. You.

“I’m tired of not knowing what to do next, for the changes we want to make. It shouldn’t be this hard to respond and adapt our business. I want a seasoned expert to help us go from ‘change fatigued’ to ‘change enabled’. I want to look change in the eye, knowing we have the tools, methods, and confidence to be change masters.”


Let’s make that happen.

Contact us. We’ll get back to you in a few hours. Promise.


Pragilis manages the people-side of your change

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