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A small firm making a big difference

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

There is an old saying that good things come in small packages and I couldn't agree more.

As the co-founder of a boutique change management consulting firm, I’ve embraced since day one that being lean can be an asset.

For example, our firm is able to provide exceptional personalized services to the companies we partner with. We make it a priority to meet directly with C-suite and key collaborators to listen and learn about their workforce and culture, clearly identify their challenges and objectives, and develop a plan using our unique change management strategies.

We also have the ability to closely monitor all of our plans to determine if any adjustments are required along the way to arrive at a successful and sustainable outcome.

All of these factors were at play when we assisted an energy company a few years ago with a massive transformation in their technology department. It involved:

  • Refining their vision

  • Engaging multiple stakeholders at every level of the organization

  • Developing a comprehensive training program, and

  • Reinforcing the new model through continued support.


What’s in a name? Read our May 2018 post to learn how we chose ‘Pragilis’.


The end result was a successful outcome – one which drew praise from the client.

A big part of our success over the past decade is related to the unique ideas and solutions we offer instead of cookie-cutter plans. This begins with our “Impact Equation”, which we use to assess the effort required to address the change that is envisioned. This not only helps maximize our resources but provides our clients with great value for the services provided.

It’s supplemented by what we call our “Transformation Engine” – a three-step process we use for organizations to:

  • Enhance their overall change capacity

  • Increase the speed of implementation, and

  • Improve the probability of success.

Our strategies and tactics are refined through professional development opportunities such as events and conferences, and by collaborating with other thought leaders in our industry. This is vital since the workplace of today is vastly different than the one just five years ago and which will continue to evolve in the future. Change is constant as we noted in our last blog post.

We have also been blessed with a Board of Advisors who have been extremely generous in sharing their time and wisdom. Every small company should be so lucky to have such a great support group.

Being an independent firm also allows us to be flexible in the assignments we accept. We look for companies that not only share our values and goals but also have the patience and confidence in our ability to deliver and leave their company in a better place than it was before they called upon our services. All while putting people first.

Communication and collaboration

Being small and nimble also allows us to share best practices and freely bounce ideas within our tight circle. After each project is completed, we also take the opportunity to share our experiences and learnings through a case study (we usually celebrate new business with a celebratory lunch or dinner or social event).

Don't get me wrong. We have our share of challenges like any business, including the economy, limited resources and a lower profile compared to well-known firms located in big, fancy buildings. But what we lack in size we more than make up in might and fight. We are passionate about our business and assisting all organizations – large or small.

If you were to ask me if we have any regrets about the path we chose 12 years ago, the answer is a resounding No. We wouldn't have it any other way and look forward to building on our legacy while never forgetting our roots.

So, if you are a company that is also small in size and have taken the same path, welcome to our world. I'm sure you'll agree it can be quite a ride but for every challenge lies a great opportunity to make a difference.

And if you are a business looking to reach your full potential, why not consider giving small firms like ours a chance? It may just be the best gift you have ever received.

To discuss ways to humanize change in your business, contact us at

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