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Helping guide the pace of change

It’s not hard to notice the value people put on time these days.

From mobile apps to pick up your morning coffee to self-check machines at the supermarket, everyone seems to be in a rush.

Executives at companies undergoing major change often share the same urgency though the ones we collaborate with are advised that it’s better to start slow in order to go fast.

What do we mean by that?

One of the first messages our firm conveys to leaders is that change is a process – not an event. External market forces or other factors have resulted in their organization embarking on a new journey and it’s crucial they recognize that people need time to adjust and adapt to change before they help propel you to greater heights.

While some companies are tempted to rush this process, we make an effort to stress to senior leaders that it takes time to do things right. Otherwise, by rushing, you can end up with an outcome that happens quickly but is messy and ultimately unsuccessful.

While every organization and change scenario is unique, our firm usually employs the same three basic foundational steps:

  1. Start with sponsorship and a vision for change

  2. Understand the impact to stakeholders and create ways to engage them into supporting change

  3. Make it stick by building a new culture/way of doing business while reinforcing why it was necessary in the first place

All three steps are essential as large scale change can have wide-ranging impacts from the way people will work in the future to the rewards and compensation system and even location of operations.

Communication essential

Equally important is establishing two-way communication. Senior leaders must make the effort to clearly articulate the new vision and how the organization plans to implement it. And feedback from frontline employees and middle management should be encouraged – not discouraged – to provide a valuable temperature check throughout the process.

If the Pragilis playbook sounds comprehensive and methodical, it is! We take great pride in providing organizations with personalized, customized solutions – such as toolkits, learning and development programs and performance support – that help guide companies along in times of significant change.

And our strategy is far from rigid. We recognize the value of being receptive, adaptive and agile. We listen to learn and avoid forcing clients into a box. Instead, we are open to experimenting with different tactics and strategies as we realize that no single human being – or organization – is going to react to change the same way or at the same pace.

As each phase unfolds, we work closely with senior leaders and sponsors to determine any adjustments that need to be made since we’ve learned over the years that no change plan goes exactly as anticipated. The more people are part of the equation, the greater the odds of sustainable success.

Savouring success

It’s always gratifying when the expertise and guidance that we provide results in a successful outcome (see the Suite Life post for an award-winning example). It not only reinforces the value of our profession but also reminds us of how fulfilling it is to see people across multiple lines of a business rally together to lead an organization through a new chapter.

So, if your organization is currently undergoing change – or anticipating disruption in the future – don’t be afraid to ask for some help. It may be the best decision you ever make provided you include a healthy dose of patience.

To discuss your change management challenge and opportunity, contact us at

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